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This is a simple idea allowing neighbors to help contribute to the solution.  As loving dog owners we all occasionally forget to 'bring a bag'.  No worries.  We are here to help. Be ahead of the problem and provide an additional bag stop for your community.  Once the station is installed you and your neighbors provide any necessary refills to help keep you community clean.  


Crafted from all weather material and striking bright colors these are not only functional but a pleasant addition to your block.  No tools required for installation nor is their any damage to the pole or tree.


Add one today! Your neighbors will thank you.



Where can this go?

The station is designed to fit around most trees and poles.  As locations necessitate I am happy to customize the attachment within reason.

How often do I need to refill?

Depending on your location and weather I see stations needing refill every 1-1.5 weeks. Sunnier weekends however may necessitate more. You can buy the refills from most stores but I also offer my choice of brands on the order page.

Is there a warranty?

If a portion of the product fails (rubber strap, bag holder, etc) within the first year I will provide replacement parts free of charge.

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